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Ustawa o OZE będzie niedługo

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user 2013-12-11 10:05:31
Najważniejszym projektem jaki Państwo Polskie powinno wspierać to prosument - koszty przesyłu stanowią 50 kosztów energii elektrycznej, dlatego energia elektryczna - jeśli to tylko możliwe - powinna być zużywana w miejscu jej wytwarzania.
user Randy Mott CEERES 2013-06-24 10:48:49
The small pack legislation does not fix the problems causing biogas plants to go broke under the current scheme. The full new law with a correction factor of 1.4 for biogas and co-generation certificates is necessary before biogas energy can be profitably produced in Poland. It is misleading to count "compliance"with the National Plan at this point, since the defined goal is 5% below the definition of green energy required by Brussels. In addition, a large amount of the green energy is produced by co-firing of biomass ...often at plants that will be closed by 2016. The delays have not been caused by various conflicting interests, but by the refusal in many cases of the government officials to take the time to resolve issues and learn the facts. Moreover, the number of actual biogas plants is less than 2% of those called for in the National Plan.