SERENE Project is funded by the European Space Agency and it is designed to develop the Advisory Service for the energy crops monitoring purposes, addressed to the actual and potential plantations owners as well as various Actors from the Renewable Energy Market.

The aim of the Project is also to deliver information and maps which would support the extension of the area of energy crops plantations in Poland and therefore stimulate the economy growth in regions.

During the two years of project condutions, the following products will be delivered: 

  • The areas of energy crops plantation cover;
  • The areas potentially useful for energy crops cultivation;
  • Energy crops growth conditions such as: soil moisture, biomass;
  • Energy crops biomass yield prognosis.

In 2016, after the successful project completion, the commercial Bioenergy Advisory Service, based on satellite data, is planned to be set up. The Service will enable operational monitoring of energy crops plantations, delivering actual and reliable information on soil moisture, biomas potential and yield prognosis as well as prognosis of profits to the interested bodies. Delivered products will be adjusted to the Users needs and requirements.

Service objectives:

  • Determination of general conditions for energy crops cultivation as well as indication of areas where energy crops plantations could be established 
  • Economic analysis on biomass potential and calculation of income from already existing and newly established plantations
  • Economic analysis of profitability of energy crops plantations in regions and viability of their trade.
  • Prognosis of biomass increase and yield prognosis.
  • Prognosis of energy productivity from cut biomass;
  • Monitoring of existing plantations: soil moisture and biomass potential
  • Know-how exchange and dissemination of results; 


Project Partners:
Institute of Geodesy and Cartography
RG Consulting
Polish Chamber of Biomass
REO Foundation
National Supporter of Economic Growth – 

Ryszard Gajewski:
Marek Hryniewicz:
Martyna Gatkowska: